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Our Values

We provide business connections, education and advocacy for issues impacting our industry particularly those involving small and women-owned businesses.


WCOE members are leaders in their businesses, communities and within the organization. We believe leaders should be purposeful and committed. Leaders must continually communicate and reinforce direction in order to succeed in the demanding construction industry. Leaders accept responsibility for their actions, and demand integrity and professionalism of themselves, their peers and their co-workers.

Financial Stability, Growth and Responsibility

WCOE will strategically manage its finances with responsibility and accountability, including getting the most value for dollars spent. We are committed to effectively managing costs and supporting revenue enhancing activities beyond membership dues revenues. Without the finances to fund programs and serve members’ needs, WCOE will cease to be relevant.


WCOE is committed to equalizing the playing field for executive women in the construction industry. Whether it is influencing decisions made by Federal or State regulators, Congressional staff, elected representatives or corporate America, WCOE is the respected collective voice for women construction owners and executives.

Professional and Personal Growth

WCOE is not satisfied with the status quo of women’s acceptance within the construction industry. To make an impact, we are committed to promoting women in leadership roles; educating outsiders about the role of successful women in this industry; and creating strong role models, mentors and leaders. WCOE will have made an impact when a distinction no longer exists regarding women in the construction industry.

WCOE Metro New York Grows Your Contacts, Contracts, and Your Bottom Line.

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